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Sephora belongs to the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) group, the largest luxury group in the world and is present in 31 countries, spread across Europe, the Middle East, America and Asia.

Sephora is collaborating with the Prodigious agency (Publicis Groupe) to develop digital campaigns for France and Europe.

Prodigious Agency


A dedicated studio of around a dozen employees has been set up, in direct contact with the various central and local requesters. The challenge was to ensure the production of e-commerce communication supports for the Europe zone, while taking into account dozens of daily requests from the 8 countries, while managing the increased workload linked to the highlights of the events throughout the year. Overall consistency was guaranteed while maintaining a premium level of graphic quality. Processes and workflows have been optimized and productivity is monitored daily.


As part of the Design Studio, my missions consist in particular of creating master assets for the websites, social networks, landing pages, and emails which will then be distributed to the EU agencies.


In order to have good visibility of operations, the various assets are posted online on strategic pages. For each highlight, series of assets are developed. The visuals highlight a brand, a digital campaign, a collab or the Sephora Collection brand.

Landing page

Major events have dedicated pages on the site. Obviously major commercial events like Sales, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day have their own page, but also certain digital operations and the launches of new products/collections.

LPs are developed on Page Designer. Thus, types of pages and components are created to be able to reuse them and adapt them to several themes.
The LPs must remain simple and easy to create, knowing that they will be adapted by the different Sephora Europe teams.



Sephora regularly shares emails with its subscribers. It is a commercial lever but also a good way to build loyalty and maintain a relationship with your customer. Through rich content, promotions, exclusives and new products, emails push prospects to visit specific pages or products on the site.

Unlike landing pages, the structure of emails is freer. It includes an intro, the body and beauty news. The header must contain Sephora’s signature elements: the black frame and the stripes. However, the content design is quite free. “Beauty news” in footer is a key element in pushing other products related to the email theme.

There are 3 main categories: New products/collections called “NEW IN”, favorites “SEPHORA LOVES”, and digital campaigns.

Gift finder

It is often difficult to know what to give to your loved ones, finding the ideal gift can quickly become a headache. This is why Sephora sets up online quizzes to guide its customers.

Recommendation :
Currently, they have different themes and structures. The idea is to create a template that could be applied to different quizzes. This makes work simpler for designers and integrators.



The template allows you to integrate shoots but also illustrations or pictograms. The idea is to keep the same structure and integrate different visuals so as not to bore users. Several quizzes are online at the same time, the customer thus recognizes the environment of the questionnaire and discovers different visuals.





Gift finder

The classic gift guide allows you to interact with your buyers by offering them products according to their needs. It gives customers suggestions for different audiences, categories and price ranges. In 4 steps maximum, the gift finder narrows the choices and thus helps the buyer find their gift more quickly. (e.g. the mind mapping below of the longest case)

Quiz foundation

The Complexion Quiz allows you to find the perfect foundation, concealer or powder for your skin. By choosing the type of finish or the amount of coverage, a personalized selection is presented. In this case, the use of pictograms is best suited to accompany the different choices.

Fragrance perfume

This quiz allows the user to discover a selection of perfumes based on their favorite notes. For yourself or as a gift, the perfume diagnosis allows you to discover trendy products, best sellers and the highest rated. To change textures or pictograms, illustrations can be used.


The Sephora application offers more than 15,000 makeup, perfume and beauty product references! It shares exclusive promotions, beauty tutorials, and the possibility of making an appointment with experts.

The app’s home page shares current news using cards that you swipe up to scroll through. They link to products, branded product pages or offer pages.

Social media

Presence on social networks is essential. Sephora uses it as a lever for interaction: launches of exclusive collections, competitions, live videos from influencers or even new products and new ranges.


In order to group together the rules and the different graphic characteristics, several charters are developed and updated regularly. They are used as a reference internally at the digital studio but also for countries and brands.